I’d like to remind our dedicated D&O Discourse readers about our companion blog, D&O Developments (www.DandODevelopments.com), launched last spring.

D&O Developments primarily reports and digests published appellate decisions in Private Securities Litigation Reform Act cases.  Various members of our Securities Litigation Practice Group contribute pieces.

In our latest D&O Developments post, my partner Heidi Bradley discusses the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Retail Wholesale & Department Store Union Local 338 Retirement Fund v. Hewlett-Packard Co., 845 F.3d 1268 (9th Cir. 2017), in which the Ninth Circuit held that former H-P CEO Mark Hurd’s violations of its ethics policy did not demonstrate that their statements about ethics-policy compliance were materially false or misleading.

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Today, we are launching a new blog, D&O Developments (www.DandODevelopments.com), which will report and digest appellate decisions in Private Securities Litigation Reform Act cases, and other key securities litigation decisions.  My partner Claire Davis is the editor-in-chief.  Various members of our Securities Litigation Practice Group will contribute pieces, in addition to contributions from Claire and me.  We are launching D&O Developments with reports of nine recent securities litigation appellate decisions.

We designed D&O Developments to complement D&O Discourse, which provides monthly in-depth opinion on key issues of law and practice in the world of securities and corporate governance litigation.  So we will now have two blogs: D&O Developments, designed to allow practitioners to track and understand important securities litigation decisions, and D&O Discourse, designed to provoke thought and discussion on key issues.

Thank you for your support of D&O Discourse. We hope you enjoy D&O Developments as well.