I’d like to update D&O Discourse readers on our companion blog, D&O Developments, launched last spring.

As a reminder, D&O Developments primarily reports and digests published appellate decisions in Private Securities Litigation Reform Act cases.  D&O Developments complements D&O Discourse, which provides monthly in-depth opinion on key issues of law and practice in the world of securities and corporate governance litigation.

Various members of our Securities Litigation Practice Group contribute pieces to D&O Developments.  Over the past quarter, my colleagues have published many helpful posts:

In addition, Bret Finkelstein and I wrote an article for Washington Legal Foundation’s Legal Pulse blog about the Align Technology decision:

Please consider subscribing to D&O Developments as well as D&O Discourse, through the Subscribe function located on the right-hand side of the page of both blogs.  Just scroll down a little, enter your email address, and click “Subscribe.”

Thank you for your support of D&O Discourse.  I hope you’re enjoying D&O Developments as well.